Stylish Winter High Heels by Duygu Şenyürek


Stylish winter high heels! Duygu Şenyürek, my fashion blogger friend recently blogged about her winter shoes collection. As you expect from a fashion blogger, 99% of the shoes are high heels! What a coincident 🙂 As you can…

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Pirelli 2014 Calendar Girls


Pirelli 2014 calendar is a very special edition. The iconic Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is notorious with the Pirelli calendar for 50 years! For a half-century Pirelli was responsible for making tyres and calendar 🙂 However, most of…

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Kate Upton is the Model of the Year | Style Awards 2013


Kate Upton is announced the Model of the Year by Style Awards! Yes, very shocking news! Or what a surprise, I never thought it! Personally, I am not surprised by the Model of the Year award to Kate…

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New Long Wheelbase Range Rover


New Long wheelbase Range Rover is recently revealed to public. After a very long time, Land Rover offered a vehicle with a long wheelbase option. The main reason for this decision is to compete with Mercedes S-Class, Bentley…

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Stylish Flat Shoes to Flat Out


Flats, may not be your favourite style but many women loves them for driving, running on street, at work or for their comfort. To keep your style at the high level on all times, here some suggestions for…

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Formula 1 Engine Sounds V6 vs. V8 vs. V10 vs. V12


Formula 1 engine sound is one of the most fundamental problem of this season due to new turbo V6 engines. Many people did not like the sounds of turbo and the weird sounds coming from the exhaust. The…

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Porsche Design Summer 2014 Shoes Collection


Porsche Design revealed their summer 2014 collection of shoes. Porsche Design, the ultimate fashion line for Porsche lovers. Don’t worry, Porsche Design does not look like a Porsche, it only shares the same design philosophy of Porsche. Basically,…

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The Icon and The Iconoclasts: A Celebration of Monogram | Louis Vuitton


The Monogram of Louis Vuitton. One of the very easily recognised symbols of the fashion industry. The Monogram pattern is organised by stylised flowers and letters organised geometrically, and it was designed by George Vuitton in 1896.  And…

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Hugo Boss Wood and Transparent Satin Mule Heels


Hugo Boss and High Heels — they  sound a bit opposite to each other. In my personal view, I never associated the Hugo Boss with the woman’s fashion. It was always a man’s fashion! I think I am…

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Travelling with YSL Tribute High Heels by EngineeringInHeels


Travel for many people traveling means one thing, comfort. However, EngineeringinHeels decided to change this rule and board with a 5-inch YSL high heels sandals. Actually, the main reason for this post wasn’t the travelling, it is the…

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