Christian Louboutin Pumps for Wide Feet

I have always been in love with the highly coveted red bottomed stilettos worn by fashionistas everywhere, but I have never bought any because of one problem… My perfectly square WIDE feet.

Christian Louboutin does not make his heels in wide and would’t dream of making an $800 shoe “comfortable”. A while back I tried buying a pair of pumps 2 sizes too big just so I could own a pair, but I lost all feeling in my toes and couldn’t walk. Now believe me, I have danced en pointe for a long time and my Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Pumps were a thousand times worse than endless nutcracker rehearsals.

After visiting the Christian Louboutin store and discussing strategy as to how to get my wide feet into a pair of these pumps, I found the perfect pair.

Here’s a few tips on how to find yours…

The saleswomen recommended two different styles of Christian Louboutin Shoes for Wide feet, the Christian Louboutin Bianca Almond-Toe Platform Red Sole Pump (my favorite) and the Christian Louboutin Iriza Half d’Orsay Red Sole Pump.

The secret is: DO NOT get them in patent leather because they do not give as much in the front of the foot where you need it most. Also choose a style that is low cut on the sides so your foot has more room through the metatarsals.

As for sizing on Christian Louboutin shoes for wide feet, if you buy the right pair you only have to go up a half size. I am a true 7.5 size shoe and when I bought these beautiful Bianca’s I bought a size 38. I really like the Iriza shoes as well, but I didn’t want a pointed toe.

I am so happy to finally have a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes I can wear for more than an hour and not die! If you have wide feet like mine and are looking to buy a pair of these beauties, I highly recommend buying them in person and making sure you love them before making the investment!
If you have had any luck for us wide-footed-ladies, comment below with your suggestions!

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