Front-Wheel Drive Aston Martin


I think many of you heard the new small Aston Martin. Sorry, micro Aston Martin, called Cygnet. It is based on Toyota iQ, actually except the exterior and interior, everything is the same. As the Cygnet is a…

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Environmental High Heels !


Recently I read a news about Ferrari’s hybrid future. Due to government pressure, Ferrari will reveal a hybrid model on 2015! Why? Because, emission levels must go down. Very reasonable! Ferrari was the mother of global warming and…

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Small details makes the differences


I am sure many of you will say, why someone would write something like this! For that reason, I will try to make an introduction to break your biases 🙂 When we buy something, especially something which is…

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Audi RS3: Narrow Tyres Syndrome


Most of you should have heard about the new Audi RS3. It is the fastest A3 model currently on planet and it is revealed just before the end of A3’s product life cycle. This last point vehicle offers…

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BMW X6 M50d


BMW released another footage for their new diesel powered X6 M model. According to dialogue during the footage, the M Division team signals a new chapter for the M! As they are not planning to release another petrol…

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Harvey Nichols Birmingham Fashion Show 2012 + Infiniti


On Saturday, I have attended the Harvey Nichols Birmingham Fashion Show 2012. Like previous years, it was amazing, from the organisation of the event to show sequences. Hopefully this year, I know how to take photos in a…

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Fashion Blogger: Duygu Şenyürek’s “Small” Collection of High Heels


Today I have a collection of photos from my blogger friend Duygu Şenyürek. Her fashion blog is one of the most frequently updated one in Turkey! The content of the post and the photos results of dedicated work….

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New Range Rover in Morocco: All Photos Part 1 Exterior


The New Range Rover, I wrote many articles about it, many people talked about and many people saved money to buy it. However, this time I am not going to write about Range Rover’s features or weakness or…

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Tod’s Animal Print Driving Shoes


Tod’s, the legendary Italian specliased on shoes and leather goods, targeted for upper market. Not as expensive as Christian Louboutin but not as reasonably priced as Hugo Boss Orange. Tod’s is well-known by their driving shoes, also there…

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Jimmy Choo Pointed High Heeled Pumps


Jimmy Choo, the British fashion icon! And probably the most robust competitor of French Christian Louboutin. It is quite common to write about Louboutin, even I do it. But I want to balance Louboutin post with the Jimmy…

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